We are Proud
Terminal Construction Corporate Group is the name of a 50-year experience in the locomotive of Turkish and world economy, construction sector.In the meantime, we are proud of the added value we have created for our country through hundreds of projects that we have realized both in Turkey and abroad.Over these many years, the total value of the projects we have delivered on time in total is 2 billion dollars, and the employment we have provided has passed tens of thousands.However, we are aware that on behalf of our country's great goals, we have many ways to be covered. In this respect, as the Group, I would like to express in particular that we will continue to work with the same discipline and concentration to make the maximum contribution to our country's economy.

Our Power is Our Human Resources
The greatest share of all of these achievements belongs to our employees. If you have a human resource that you can trust to play a team game especially in the construction sector, which is our main area of activity, you will never fall flat on your face. Otherwise, it is not possible to become successful, let alone even to stand.The first condition to establish a reliable team is to be trustworthy.Terminal Construction Corporate Group has come to the present day thanks to its happy employees, who are satisfied with their teammates and receive what they deserve and who are confident in the company for these reasons In the future, we will continue to take our full strength from our teammates we work with shoulder to shoulder, standing upright and running on new targets.

Our Principle is to Respect to Nature
We are careful to do carry on our business properly, that is, in accordance with all rules, laws and regulations. However, the protection of nature is above all these rules for us.As Terminal Construction Corporate Group, we act with the awareness that nature is not an inheritance from our ancestors but a trust that must be transferred to future generations intact.In this context, we take our own measures systematically in addition to the regulations in all our projects.I am also proud of seeing that all my colleagues working in our group are not sensitive to this subject just because of the rules of the business, but because of what their hearts say about it.

We Need a Healthy Generation
We also carry out agriculture projects without the expectation of financial income.The most important of these is the work we do for genetically modified wheat production.We think that, wheat obtained from hybrid seeds, unfortunately, seriously threatens the health of the community today.For this reason, after working with many agriculture faculties and seed banks for a healthier production, we have succeeded in cultivating wheat that has been the same genesis for centuries.Now our goal is to ensure that this production spreads to all wheat plantations in our country.
Because, for our future, we need a generation that is young, feels itself young and healthy.

Love and respect,

Mehmet Alp Delimollao─člu
Terminal Construction Corporate Group
Chairman of the Board