We do Agriculture for our country

The importance of the construction sector is undeniable today. It is even possible to say that this sector is a key sector in order our country to achieve its great economic goals.As Terminal Construction Corporate Group, we act with the consciousness of operating in such a strategic sector.

As Terminal Construction Corporate Group, we are making significant investments in the agriculture sector, which has another strategic priority for our country, besides our main activity field of construction sector.We are continuing our investments in this sector with social responsibility awareness, not financial expectations.We would like to contribute to the continuation of our country as an agricultural country with the studies carried out under the roof of Borlu Agriculture Inc.

In this respect, we will continue to carry out the work we have done on agricultural products, especially wheat, olive, lavender, and walnut with great seriousness. We would like to point out that we have selected all these products to serve some certain purposes.

For example, for a healthier generation, we have been able to regenerate the genetically unchanged 10,000 years old Siyez Wheat. For the sulfur gas released by its tree, we are doing walnut farming with great care, because this gas plays a very important role in the repair of the ozone layer of the atmosphere.

All of these works have a single purpose; to ensure that our children live in a healthy, clean and unspoiled world.

We believe that we will carry forward the successful results that we have gained through the support given to our Group by our government's related organizations for the work we do in this area.